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Buddy Icons

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To select an icon, click on the Buddy Icon you want to install. You should receive a confirmation message. If this does not work and follow the directions below.

NOTE: You must have AOL INSTANT MESSENGER in order to download the AIM icons. Download the AIM application.

How to install your AIM icons for PC users:

1. Select the icon you want above.
2. Right click once on the icon.
3. Select Save Picture As...
4. In Instant Messenger, click on one of your buddy's icons, and it will take you to the Buddy Icon Preferences.
5. Scroll up to where it says My Buddy Icon and click that.
6. Select Browse, find where you saved your icon and select it.
7. You are done!

How to install your AIM icons for MAC users:

1. Open AIM, under Edit go to Preferences.
2. Go to Buddy Icons underneath Category.
3. Click on the 'Reveal Icons Folder' button.
4. Click and drag the above icon you want into the 'Shared Buddy Icons' folder.
5. Click OK this will close your preferences.
6. Reopen your Preferences and select your new icon.
7. You are done!


Charlotte Martin Banners

Add a Charlotte Martin banner to your web site or email signature.

Select the banner of your choice. Copy the code below the preferred banner and paste it in your web page editor or rich-text email signature editor.




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Designed by Ryan C., the grand prize winner of the Wallpaper Design Contest.



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